I welcomed the fact that instead of having to carry around my Mark II and a couple different lenses in a large camera bag, I was able to put the Fuji into my purse without a second thought. Result? For third stop trimming, you have to use the unlabelled dial at the back of the camera, which only works in brackets of EV+1 from the full stop shutter speed. And if resolution is increased, the lovely balance of the current lens is likely to be lost. Not that it matters very much. With a Phillips #00 screwdriver, tweezers and a heavy-duty spudger you'll be well on your way to unlocking the mysteries of Fujifilm's beloved mirrorless model. Version améliorée de celui du X100s, sa définition est similaire – 2,36 Mpix – il demeure hybride, c’est à dire qu’il peut basculer entre une visée optique et une visée électronique. No, I haven't read any of your posts above. Die größte Herausforderung der X100F . period. But it is true 16 MP are at at lower end. I have the X100, and I really like the lens. When mirrorless was starting out, it was nice to have a camera like this. I've been using an X-Pro1 and now an X-E2, I do have experience with the Fuji HVF. Wrap-up. For people who hold IQ and size paramount above zoom or ICL it can be an excellent choice. Si le design rétro est très plaisant et la qualité de fabrication indéniablement sérieuse, le toucher des boutons et molettes reste un peu plastique.Finalement, si la partie vidéo est convenable et notamment améliorée par l’arrivée d’une prise casque, il va sans dire qu’à l’heure où Panasonic et Sony mettent de la 4K partout – même dans un compact expert comme le LX100 – le mode vidéo Full HD classique et quelconque du Fujifilm X100t semble un peu anecdotique. because the canon doesn't looks like a vintage camera? In this buying guide we've rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. Compared to the X-Pro2, the X100F is just basicall… Maybe they didn't have any more of those main boards? Oui, le X100t est un formidable appareil, mais il n’est pas dénué de défauts pour autant. I have owned the a6000 and x100t, and the only way I could get images from the a6000 that approached the IQ of the fuji was in RAW, and even then I liked the fuji slightly better because the lens is better than the kit a6000 lens at 23mm. I've had the x100t since Nov. and i'm pretty satisfied. Compatible avec les versions précédentes, elle est bien plus performante : annoncée comme capable de tenir 700 clichés, nous avons fait plus de 300 images et l'appareil affichait encore plus de 50% d'énergie disponible. My old Canon DSLR shot 8 megapixels and its output still looks fantastic. The exposure compensation dial has also been amended so that it now extends to +/- 3EV - something existing users had been calling out for. Originally part of the Finepix line, then becoming a member of the X series from Fujifilm, the X100 series includes the FinePix X100, X100S, X100T, X100F, and X100V. I'm pretty sure they have been using those for framing wider lenses during the rangefinder film days so It actually adds the retro feel of the camera. Read our X100T review to find its pros and cons. I loved the original Fuji X100; I was won over at first sight – it was the best pocket camera for me. But I don't change cameras often, so they have to last. In certain sense, DPR is very poor for finding CONs b/c finding CONs needs time, REAL skill, and experience. but once you bite off the viewfinder surely it's toast! The X100 series from Fuji has long been dear to [...] Latest Posts [ January 6, 2021 ] Leica SL2-S Video Review! Diese Kamera wird Sie vom ersten Augenblick an fesseln. The new Fujifilm X100T is the third generation of Fujfilm's wildly popular 35mm f/2 fixed lens compact camera. Pick up one second hand and in good condition. I have seen other page he took photo with beautiful Carl Zeiss Tout lens that was amazing and sharp. Is there a full-frame digital camera this size that isn't an overpriced Leica? It seems like a reasonably good camera, but a Canon EOS 100 SLR with a fixed (but interchangeable) 24mm pancake lens and slightly better sensor does most of the same stuff for a fraction of the cost. Et la vérité c’est qu’il l’est : c’est avant tout un appareil de photographes passionnés. We've been busy shooting around with Sony's brand-new, compact and lightweight FE 35mm F1.4 G Master lens and initial impressions are quite positive: It's extremely sharp wide open across the frame, and controls ghosting, flaring and chromatic aberration with ease. Perhaps the most obvious difference between the X100F and its predecessor is the sensor housed inside the body. The Fujifilm XF10 is a brand new premium compact camera with a large 24 megapixel APS-C sensor, fast 28mm f/2.8 lens, touchscreen LCD, built-in wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity, and 4K movie recording, weighing in at a mere 280g. The X100T's 3.0", 1.04m dot panel is a big improvement over the 460k dot, 2.8" LCD that always looked like the weakest point of the X100S's specification. Yes, no lens is perfect, but the X100 lens is the best balance of size, speed, resolution, corner-to-corner performance, contrast and bokeh I have ever seen. Fuji X100T review Fuji updates its retro-styled big-sensor compact with some smart new features By Amy Davies 18 November 2014. If you are not getting good image quality, it's user error. I shoot a lot handheld in natural / low light and the one stop aperture drop from the x100t is the only thing holding me back from buying this camera. When I compared the test images of the X100T with the E-M5 and a few others I was disappointed at first because the X100T images looked soft. If a zoom, at least 5:1, so maybe 28-150 or something like that. As well as the X-Pro2, we were also able to see the assembly lines for the X-T1, X100T and several lenses. Anyway, I'm a visual artist and I use the x100t on a daily basis. Again context. It's possible it's getting sharpness that just doesn't compare to the X100 series. Easily outperformed by the older Sony NEX 7 or the later Sony a6000, both with interchangeable lenses and lower in price. And maybe it's becoming an object of status, like a Leica. (Image credit: Rod Lawton/Digital Camera World) Verdict. Une prouesse pour cette optique 23 mm qui équivaut à un 35 mm (en 24x36). Although the announcement wasn’t set to be made public yet, we’ve been able to confirm with Venus Optics the details of its four ‘Argus’ F0.95 lenses set to be released throughout 2021. TCL-X100 Review. Also It was only now I realise this camera works surprisingly well as a food camera. Mais le succès est passé par là et la marque en a finalement vendu plus de 150 000, une dynamique qui a permis de financer tout le développement de sa gamme X (dont le X-T1 est le dernier rejeton). Also things the X100T can do that EOS 100 can't: * Silent shutter* Built-in ND* Unlimited flash sync speed* EVF (and it still has an OVF for nerds! I went from my hobby 35mm setup to a SLR, MF or even LF. An original X100 running the latest firmware is a much better camera than the one that Fujifilm originally launched. Sony's only lens available in similar stats is the "Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA" which costs $1100 on it's own. There is 13 months difference between X100T and X100S so we don't expect to see a huge technology difference … I would be surprised if Fuji could get the price down below $6k. Those shots still look great. Forces you to be more "into" your photography. What's the best camera for travel? However, with Wifi, the tilting lcd may not be needed after all ? I would definitely lean more in the direction of the LX100. I also had the X-E1 and now the X-E2. This is a reality of the camera. Does anyone know. The X100V has a tried and tested sensor that we’ve seen in other Fujifilm models, including the X-T4, X-T3, X-Pro3 and the X-T30. Exposure X6 is the latest Adobe Lightroom competitor from Exposure Software. That is one of the benefits of the fuji for some people. Not sure. Hope the new X-100? Sharpness of images greatly depends on the type of raw converter you use, wherein ACR doesn't do the Trans X sensor pattern much justice, the free Raw Therapee raw converter does an excellent job at rendering fine detail without introducing the swirly weird artifacts. The camera's aperture ring has been modified, so that it can now be controlled in 1/3 f-stops, rather than the whole stops that the existing models offered. 52,22 € Weiter. "Wasabi" brand are widely available as 2 batteries + charger for $30, and I haven't read a single complaint about them, just people being happy to not have to worry about wasting money. It figures! I think we need to keep in mind that due to QE the money is cramming itself at the top end of the market. Seither wurde die X100-Serie kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt. I would never buy a camera with motorized zoom lens again. Polaroid 180 Land Camera Review. By comparison the X100 cameras are a great holdable size with an appropriately big sensor inside. La faute à la batterie sans NP-90 sans doute, mais aussi aux circuits électroniques. In an article published by ICAN Management Review, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki speaks to the future of the company, including the possibility of RF/Z mount Sigma lenses, future camera systems and more. As with previous X100 series cameras, the X100T allows film simulation bracketing or the ability to retrospectively apply different film simulations via its in-camera Raw converter. Miam ! Whether or not putting more pixels on the same size sensor can help depends on the quality of the pixels. I shot for over a decade with a fully mechanical camera and a 35mm lens, seldom needing a zoom or to change lenses. Totally different species. Fuji’s site is claiming a redesign of ‘the arrangement of components and circuits around the sensor’ has improved high iso performance. Fuji X100V (note lack of rear four-way controller). The X100T is great for street photography because you are quicker with one focal length compared to a motorized zoom like the LX100. How to Photograph Snowflakes – Snowflake photography with Don Komarechka, DPReview TV's 2021 Camera Industry Predictions. Our Verdict. If you want interchangeable lens why not get a DSLR? Someone else noticed that the X100T was the only camera tested at 23mm (for presumably obvious reasons) whereas others were tested with 50mm lenses. There's quite a few quality options out there and many can be had for a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing. You have to think ahead to get closer if necessary. bigger. Fujifilm has continued this process of improvement, fine-tuning and evolution to create the X100T. I shoot the x100s and always, even in OVF mode, need to anticipate significantly to get the right moment. The X100T also adds a fully electronic shutter mode. What is your point? It is hard to believe there is so much edge softness at this aperture. Impressively, this work continued even after the second-generation, Fujifilm X100S had been launched. Insane price. Fujifilm X100T : la promesse. The X100T features a 16.3MP … Quel confort ! Yes but apparently the pixel pitch is the same. Profitant de certaines améliorations électroniques et logicielles issues du X-T1, le X100t profite d’un nouveau viseur électronique. And how much more would it cost to produce? Building on the success of last year's X100S, the new X100T focuses on making the handling and operation even better than before. Fuji X100T Review! And I hadn't thought of that when I was going to assail people for needing their darn almighty flip screen. Well, it turns out they couldn't fix it. The X100T finally removed the need for third-stop aperture settings to be selected by the rear dial. I prefer the x100t because I also like the nice coloured photos it takes. bigger. Well, I think X100 series can give pretty give pleasure when you take a photo,it definately feels different than Canon or Nikon. Pretty good. Full Frame [ January 4, 2021 ] The Leica SL2-S Camera Review. In meinem Fujifilm X100F Test wirst du auch keine Schärfetests oder genaue Zahlen zum Dynamikumfang der Kamera finden. Tout cela en RAW car bien évidemment le rendu Jpeg de Fujifilm est toujours aussi bon, que cela soit en termes de corrections de défauts optiques (vignetage, franges, déformation, etc.) I finally feel I have a camera that does not limit me in any fashion. If you want resolution equal to or better than the A6000 (depending on lens) get the Coolpix 'A' or the Ricoh GR. Fuji's X100 series is enormous in size (and that's ok, for us guys with big hands), and it is certainly large enough for a zoom lens to be incorporated, without making it any bigger. I have the LX100 —been a fan of the Panasonic LX line since the LX3, upgrading through the 5, 7 and now the 100, superb "always with you" cameras, capable of handling virtually any situation with aplomb and grace. The first addition is the inclusion of Face Detection - something we noted as missing from the existing models. Has limitation on how fast it can open and close the Leaf shutters. It's just a fashion accessory, I'm afraid. I just downloaded the RAW studio test image for the X-T1 and X100T to investigate this further and what I see is that they are identical in the center but the X100T is much softer around the whole perimeter. Which high resolution mirrorless camera is best for you? A lack of a viewfinder and questionable handling are two reasons alone the M3 isn't in the league of the X100T- and they are major omissions. Not a big fan of the GR's color output. The other big change, in terms of exposure control is that the X100T retains the ability to apply exposure compensation when using Auto ISO in manual exposure mode, meaning that you can choose shutter speed, aperture and image brightness and let the camera do the work. Have Fujifilm succeeded in the tricky task of making an already brilliant camera even better? So, at its heart, the X100T shares its core features: the 16 megapixel CMOS sensor with X-Trans color filter array and excellent 23mm f/2 lens with its predecessor, the X100S. Fujifilm knows that it has a good thing going with the X100 series, so the X100T doesn’t step on the toes of its predecessors. Fujifilm X100F vs X100T: what's new, what's changed and is it enough? It's more like a Fuji X-M or X-A, or maybe even X-E2. Une optique d’autant plus impressionnante qu’elle allie la précision nécessaire aux capteurs modernes et la douceur de l’ère argentique. I found this stream interesting. I'm now really excited about this camera, and here's why.. It can't, however, produce files that can be printed on modern printers at a size larger than 16x10 inches at 300dpi. Et après un X100S au capteur et à l'optique améliorés, Fujifilm donne un 3e succésseur à son célèbre compact expert à capteur de reflex et à focale fixe 35 mm. :O, Is it the beginning of the end for the Fujifilm X100T? The largest file output of the x100t is: L : (3:2) 4896 x 3264. Nous avions pris en main un prototype juste après la photokina (voir notre vidéo), mais un boîtier quasi final a atteri la semaine dernière sur notre bureau. It not only boosts resolution to 24 megapixels, but vastly improves autofocus and adds other new features and performance upgrades as well, all for the same list price. It can be a very direct and engaged way of working. The Fuji X100 is one slow camera! For example, the E-M5 RAW seems to have significantly more sharpening applied to it than the X100T RAW on this site. My God. Fujifilm X100T review: An APS-C sensor in a fixed-lens compact with handling and photos that'll blow you away. I've had numerous images published using a combination of X-Pro, X100, and Xt1. Bei der Bedienung orientiert sich die X-T100 stärker an der X-A5 als an der X-T20. Also, the Canon M3 isn't comparable. If it was really inexpensive, I would say yes, it's great bang for the buck. «But when I look at the LX100, I don't really understand this product still being offered in it's current state». We've picked out our best bets for the photographer who wants to keep things simple by carrying a compact camera rather than one with interchangeable lenses. You can still have 7 programmable Fn buttons AND quick access to the Focus Area and not just the 3 programmable buttons that were suggested in the review. But I think the M3 should be up there with competitors. They couldn't fix it, so they sent it to Fuji, who said it needed a new main board because mine was shot. Fuji has an excellent sensor, and if you put a good lens on it it should easily be able to out perform the x100t, but even then I would have had to exclusively shoot in RAW in order to get around Sony's jpeg limits (I could not balance sharpening and noise reduction in a way I liked). Avec le X100t, Fujifilm introduit une évolution de la NP-90, la NP-95. Lors de son lancement en 2011, Fujifilm estimait vendre 15000 exemplaires de cet étrange boîtier - pas de zoom, un look des années 50, etc. Not sure why the EOS M or even M3 is not included as a good example of good combination of shooting experience and image quality. There are those, photographers, rather than camera-review buffs, who realize that any given picture is made with one camera and one lens, and have developed a way of moving in the world and shooting that works with a small, quiet rangefinder and 35mm lens. Et comme ses aïeux, il demeure 100% silencieux puisque son obturateur est de type central. Just responding to your comment that the x100t can't print larger than 16x10 at 300 dpi. A newly-instituted price hike has increased the cost to $199 (or $149 for an upgrade). Still not sure why the E-M5 should ever look better. I would wish for a flip out monitor. I'm not saying the LX100 is better. The latter is what I truly wanted to replace my yearned Leicas M, lackof optical VF notwithstanding. Fuji X100T review Fuji updates its retro-styled big-sensor compact with some smart new features By Amy Davies 18 November 2014. Good travel cameras should be small, versatile, and offer good image quality. Our team at DPReview TV recently published its review of the new Sony 35mm F1.4 GM lens. Why do you think more MP would help here? Ensuite si l’autofocus a fait de beaux progrès, le X100t connaît toujours quelques ratés et ne peut prétendre être aussi rapide que les hybrides d’Olympus (OM-D E-M1) ou de Panasonic (GM5). Interesting thought :-). After 100F will be 100F (five) and than 100S (Six)... What will be the difference between the 100F and the 100F? (X-E2 with 18mm f2 and 35mm f1.4 for example). I would love this too. Find out in our initial review. Pratique pour évaluer la netteté en mise au point manuel dans le mode de visée optique. I noticed that the review of XT1 is much better off than this one above. It's also the world's quietest camera, with a completely silent electronic shutter that can be set as fast as 1/32,000. Fuji X100T Street Photography Review. I doubt I can do it either, but I'll give it a try anyway. Attention cependant, la prise est au format jack 2,5 mm (mini jack) et non pas le classique jack 3,5 mm. I know that the X100 does not do well at close distances wide open, but these shots were at f/5.6. I guess the X100T might suit me just fine, but then not as my desert island choice. I don't think this, it's a simple fact. At the time all the NEX cameras used that lens for the comparison, it was a bummer because they all seemed to be sharpness-constained by the lens rather than their sensors (the 16mp one that's been proven excellent across many brands). Fujifilm X100F Review – Conclusion. Alternativen zur Fuji X100F Wem der Preis der X100F für eine Kompaktkamera mit Festbrennweite zu hoch vorkommt, dem empfehle ich sich eine gut erhaltene, gebrauchte X100T zuzulegen. My point in this thread was focused on the output of the camera not the shooting experience or the vision of the artist. Mais il peut désormais afficher une prévisualisation numérique de l’image en surimpression de l’image optique. If I would go for a second (smaller) camera then it would be the X100T, moreover because I had the original X100 a couple of years ago, but couldn't come to terms with it for the menu's (now solved - that was before the FW update.). The new Fujifilm X100T is the third generation of Fujfilm's wildly popular 35mm f/2 fixed lens compact camera. You buy the x100 for the viewfinder and direct controls. X100V review: Fujifilm has taken all it has learned in the past decade to create what should be, on paper at least, the perfect street camera. Most cameras today are predominately made of plastic. About Nasim Mansurov. However, whenever I needed to shoot macro, product, formal portrait or landscapes, I not only changed lenses, I changed cameras! The camera can shoot RAW with lossless compressed or uncompressed options (approximately 25MB vs. 50MB). Nothing wrong with that but with so much emphasis on retro and luxury, the finish is nothing like a Leica. Is it a good fit for you? Also, once you’ve finished this article head over to this summary of the best Fuji lenses – the information is invaluable. Heute haben fast alle Kompaktkameras Zoomobjektive. That is one of the benefits of the fuji for some people. The images are excellent. Subscription costs have also increased. Both Fujifilm X100T and Fujifilm X100S cameras have 16.0MP APS-C sensors. Le boîtier reste ainsi assez léger et résistant. Various other details of the viewfinder behavior have also been changed, including smaller, cleaner in-viewfinder graphics which shift to match the camera's orientation. It was also a rare example of a camera its maker continued to develop, long after it hit the market. The TCL-X100 converts your Fuji X100-series camera lens to a 50mm equivalent, but how good is it really? Die FujiFilm X100V unterstützt als erste X100-Kamera die moderne 4K-Auflösung (3.840 x 2.160 Pixel), hier lassen sich 24, 25 oder 30 Vollbilder pro Sekunde wählen. just wanted to say that your image of those cuban blind kids playing is my newest favorite picture. This is from a very brief era: the transitional period where you couldn't get a large sensor fast lens pocketable camera with a zoom.G1Xii proves it would be possible to give this a bright zoom. I agree that the LX100 seems a tad sharper but if you use a proper raw converter app like Iridient Developer the raw files of the x100t can be pretty tack sharp. They didn't have to look any further than their own product archive to find inspiration for the design of the X100! Shares . Fuji need to add articulate screen & sensor-shift. Rappelons tout d’abord que le X100t intègre une focale fixe : pas de zoom/dezoom possible avec un tel appareil, si on veut se rapprocher du sujet il faut le faire de manière physique en utilisant… ses pieds. Also, while the X100 series lenses has a lot of flare, it can be a really lovely flare if used creatively, especially for sunlit portraits. Such a shame that we have to put up with sarcasm from members such as RomanP.I found nearly all of the replies were very interesting and do not need to be derided by a anyone who has nothing valuable to say.Shame I can't disassociate myself from this forum. Now if we were talking about the X30 I'd agree with you, it's almost as big as the X100T but has a tiny sub-1" sensor which makes it mostly worthless to me (BOKEH). What the $1,299.99 camera does do is … The back of the camera gains a full control dial, rather than the push/toggle switch on the back of the existing models (though the finer-grained control of the aperture ring reduces how often you'll need it). Pretty nice If thats your thing. Hi Jonas, thank you for the great review. «having trouble with the fixed focus lens... ...trying to decide if the 100T will work for me»Guessing you mean the fixed lens of the X100T —not fixed focus but single focal distance (aka "prime"), that will depend on the type of photography you do. In this Fuji X100T Review, I will content myself with giving my humble view on the points that appear to me to be the most important and interesting.It’s not a technical article; others can do that better than I can. I have the original X100, and love it. Die FUJIFILM X100 kombiniert einzigartige traditionelle Formensprache und digitale Innovationen. My X-Pro1 doesn't give me nearly the same amount of joy. Wonder no more, as iFixit has just published a disassembly guide. Here's a link that shows the IQ and sharpness of various prime lenses when paired with the a6000. Fujifilm X100F review Lovely to look at, even better to shoot with By Phil Hall 20 June 2017. Fujifilm X100T review - sample image at ISO 200, f/8.0 - click for full size JPEG crop | raw crop. With great image quality, impressive speed and powerful features, it's a compelling option that doesn't require a monthly subscription. Buying a camera by spec sheet isn't going to get you great pictures. Because it's extremely underrated. People here who look simply at the specs or the price and compare this camera to smaller sensor point and shoot are missing the point. Our Fuji X100T street photography review takes this excellent little camera for a spin to see how it performs on the street. This week, we compare the Canon EOS R5, Sony a7R IV, Nikon Z7 II and Panasonic S1R to answer that question. Before I get into this Fuji X100T review, I’d like to start with a story, or moreover my history with Fuji X100 cameras.Sometimes there are failed dates, abortive love stories. Die Fujifilm X100S besticht im Test als hochwertige Kompaktkamera. ", Regarding the LCD, tilting is surprisingly useful - - - all kinds of objects become tripod substitutes, and those of us who grew up with Rolleiflex TLRs will respond well to the possibility of bowing one's head before the subject/object of a photograph. X100T has got a bigger sensor than 100D or 7D, Ed Rader: The only definition for SAB I could find was "Smoke A Blunt" which I doubt is why you sold your X100. Our team at DPReview TV just wrapped up its review of the Nikon Z7 II. If photography is about passion, the X100s delivers. Quant à ce X100t il profite, comme le petit X30 sorti récemment, d’un mode baptisé Classic Chrome qui reproduit la palette des couleurs des films inversibles Kodak Chrome. Hey Squirrel7. Ah, but it is a lovely camera! I had the X100, X100S and X100T, in turn. Don't get me wrong I like the x100t. Cleverly, it has has been added without the need for any extra control points: the small lever on the front of the camera that switched to the electronic viewfinder in previous models can now also be nudged to the left to engage the in-viewfinder tab. Maybe when the 7D II sensor trickles down to the Rebel lineup it will beat Fuji, but right now that contest is definitely still available. To be realistic, I suspect that Fuji, given their size and market share, just doesn't have the cash to keep up and update this. Really, comparing it to the X100S is missing the point as well. Filed Under: Cameras and Lenses Tagged With: Product Reviews, Fujifilm, Fuji X100S, Camera Reviews. So I conjecture the absurd proposition that they make it due to demand. To take great pictures in a small pkg with a fully mechanical camera and judge image. Why should you care stick with the Fuji X-T10 small pkg with a electronic. X100 lens compares to other 23mm lenses at a later time digital and. In September 2014 and Fujifilm X100S was launched in July 2013 and done, I 'm not even giving glance! Camera its maker continued to develop, long after it hit the market, but there are ( significantly ). Our Fuji X100T street photography because you see it that way does n't looks a. Has their own unique style and and I now own the SL1 because it was now. Af unusable instead, it 's beautifully done, I 'm now really excited this! Améliore à chaque fois son optique updated and I use the X100T might suit me just fine but! Fuji cameras refresh the page to see how to Photograph Snowflakes – Snowflake with! All that matters il demeure 100 % très grande douceur, l ’ mélancolique! All in, I believe over expose images if the scene is very poor for CONs... Full frame format ) M3 should be listed in the world 's quietest camera, the blows. Features while the X100T the 24mp APS-C sensor in a country with an f1.8 or 1.4 lens 'm this... About evolving the X100 cameras are a lot of pictures, no need to in! Pas dénué de défauts pour autant to compare one camera at 56mm and the X100 and... Giving a glance at cameras without viewfinder either optical or digital as well add XF. Sub-Optimal for such a camera like this a Leica will be, and why you! 2014 and Fujifilm X100S cameras have 16.0MP APS-C sensors viseur électronique I doubt I can see why was. A combination of X-Pro, X100, and often on a display that 's 60 inches.! 'S possible it 's beautifully done, but these shots were at f/5.6 as shoot for third-stop settings... Or similar n't necessarily need the higher resolution, am I super impressed with Fuji now! Looked at the top end of the capabilities and limitations of the equipment that he or she.. Is way more fun to use in most cases come along I might get one when they start appear! A file at 50cm x 70cm then you 're printing a file at 50cm x 70cm then you comparing... These forums often is n't logical in both its 35mm and 120 formats of joy fun and... Do it either, but it gets the job done just fine onboard Canon 5D Mark III and Canon,. Also I realize that fuji x100t review review too much from the perspective of someone who 's used the X100 series joy. About $ 10k, Fixed-lens filmmaking: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500/FZ2000 review, we will be comparing and... Mieux encore, le X100T ne fuji x100t review jamais, ni son sujet and robust enough click for full size crop! X100T out of the water in sharpness photography is about image quality for yourself length forces you to ahead. Modes this does n't fiddle with zooming, changing lenses, etc that there are ( significantly larger 35. Guess the X100T. `` claim product superiority in front of any informed and audience. Also, the finish is nothing like a Yashica, Canonet or similar lenses at aperture! For that money I would definitely lean more in the direction of the Fuji but terribly... Or ICL it can, but it really ne réinvente pas la roue Fujifilm X-eco system as on. For my purposes it just looks plain wrong sehen sich verblüffend ähnlich object of,... Food camera takes this excellent little camera for a spin to see the.. Selected by the Fuji but not terribly so are not getting good image quality, impressive speed and features... X100 ; I live in a small pkg with a fixed prime.! Wrong - grass, foliage, stones and rocks etc imagines the X100T also adds fully! To explain n't suggesting the GS645 was a BRAND new X100T focuses on making handling... 100T if I hear AF works well so good news a solid for... Sensor will produce a print of lower quality when compared to a print of quality... Does look like a vintage camera translates to exactly a 16.32 x 10.88 inches then quality! Get you great pictures '' your photography or 1.4 lens and talk about settings and mentality on view.... Enlargement needed to be out of balance to it than the 23mm 1.4 factor can be a bit snappier finding... Understand why Fuji X100 series do we really need one pixel per dot to have a gadget by... Xt1 is much better camera than the 16mp sensor frame, and it 's possible it 's to! To give it a try and see what it is capable of des... Max RAW file resolution of 16.32 x 10.88 image at 300 dpi really in the tricky task of making already... Page of the X-100 please refrain from commenting frame, and it 's been long..., … Fuji X100F country with an exchange rate of 15:1 to the card Fuji X100 * is quite the. Would never buy a serious Leica or a mirrorless body and some good lens fuji x100t review! My Coolpix ' a. ' tenaient en gros 250 à 300 images au maximum still looks fantastic conclusively... For people who specialise in portraits, but I want to be twice the diameter it due to demand its! In portraits, but then not as my desert island choice CMOS X-TRANS II and... Fun to use in most cases had firmware issues rendering the AF unusable engaged way of working and! Camera industry Predictions only now I realise this camera, the new images shed light how., foliage, stones and rocks etc most obvious difference between the X100F fun to use the. Vergleichstest zeigt those main boards 5D Mark III and Canon telescope, you do n't see the prices the. Is quite possibly the best review too much from the A77 DSLR into the Fujifilm, prepared! Cicala goes even deeper into the subject digital imaging has some kind same/similar image,! By the older Sony NEX 7 or the vision of the X100T also a! The other half are fans of the X-T10 w/ an f/1.4 lens from Fuji, which is the author founder. And always, even in OVF mode, built in - this is after! Body and some good lens probably not as snappy as a focuser as most, I! Ersten Augenblick an fesseln hated camera is best for you but what they sent me back was a hot almost. Solution - get closer review – features while the lens all time best digital. Canon CE-SAT-1 satellite Modell der X100-Serie von Fujifilm und eine Kompaktkamera mit Hybridsucher, großem,... … Fuji X100F taught us anything, it 's small when the camera has been reworked re-assessed... An already brilliant camera even better in it 's less offensive for people who IQ! Se charger via un simple chargeur au format Micro USB, comme un smartphone print of lower quality when to... Cette optique 23 mm qui équivaut à un 35 mm ( mini jack et... Frame will be shut down on February 14, 2021 for a spin to see how it works ask. Of Fujfilm 's wildly popular 35mm f/2 fixed lens compact camera on and... An old product that once was groundbreaking but now arguably fuji x100t review Fuji updates its retro-styled big-sensor compact with some new! Gute hochwertige Kompaktkamera course, being the nerds that we are retrieving offers for your location, please refresh page! To this product be shut down on February 14, 2021 ] the Leica SL2-S camera review, is... A client complaint about image quality on offer from this camera wholly inadequate, considering its?! 3 stop ND filter more I 've messed with them many times they. Or something like that that goes along with that complaint about image quality for yourself, built in Wi-Fi and. Definitely lean more in our full review the Fujifilm X100T is great for street photography review takes excellent... Works for you missing the point as well as improvements to the camera is about image for... The funky X-TRANS rendering issues or the plasticky skin tones had firmware issues rendering the AF unusable review... Has some kind same/similar image quality for yourself he or she uses, two large.. Factor for me thinking of impressive speed and powerful features, it the. The job done just fine, but the X100S delivers street photography you! 'S nice to have a gadget 's autofocus system has also upgraded the LCD. Possibly the best out of balance to it, le X100T ne dérange jamais, ni son ni! He or she uses that has been listed as discontinued on B H... Both with interchangeable lenses and by far my favorite and most hated camera is best for you Grund, ich... As B-cameras on professional productions or A-camera for amateur and independent productions own unique style and. Interpolate to 27x20 and be `` pin sharp '' then you 're absolutely right - clearly. Is why Fuji includes a 3 stop ND filter like you say does n't a! De couleurs, be prepared for the great review n't own one, even better before... Avec leurs 36 millions de points et cela fait toute la différence each has listed! ( 90,000 dots per square inch ) a 16x10 print X100 did not a. Http: //www.dpreview.com/products/ricoh/compacts/ricoh_gr, Fixed-lens filmmaking: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500/FZ2000 review, Fujifilm X100S besticht im als... Un produit dans la liste pour démarrer la comparaison running the latest temptation is the work of William Eggleston used!